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I’ve made the decision after more than 30 years in the field of grief, loss, chronic and terminal illness and dying supports, compassion fatigue work for caregivers and families, that this this is the next useful incarnation of the Chaplain Phoenixx.  I have placed my attention and focus now on more of the tachlis (Yid. essence, the concrete “stuff”) of the healing arts. Especially in this age of fear and anxiety, I want to help bring together communities and help support the many of us who are once again on the front lines of being willing to be present, to show up and to do what we can.

This is something I can do.  This is something that I put my whole heart and spirit into making.  This is something I can commit to that helps me, helps you, and helps keep art flowing in our lives.

Fuzzy, warm, cozy, quilts, Jewish crafts and foods for sale is where I’ll begin, where it will expand to we will see.  If you know about how to make this website more awsome and you want to barter for your help, Im open.

‘Til later my friends, please enjoy my blog and my slide show of past creations in food, art and food art for healing!


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